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What is the Siuslaw Public Library District?

The Siuslaw Public Library District is a stand-alone local government and taxing district covering a patchwork area across western Lane County. The District is governed by a five-member elected board of directors and managed by a library director. The Siuslaw Public Library District Board of Directors holds regular meetings the third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. Meetings are generally held at the Library - 1460 9th Street in Florence, OR - in the Bromley Room. Find agendas and other public notices on our main page. 

The Siuslaw Public Library Board of Directors


Susy Lacer

Board Member

Susy is a professional grantwriter and President of the 501(c)(3) Siuslaw Vision. Susy is a community volunteer, avid library user, and a former Florence city councilor. 


Sandy Kuhlman

Board President

Sandy Kuhlman spent more than 30 years as an executive in the commercial insurance industry before permanently relocating to Florence eight years ago. In addition to her active volunteer schedule, Sandy is an avid library user, coming in to find her next book several times a week!

Graphic Chart

Donna Oshel

Board Member

Donna Oshel is the newest member of the library board, but she has long roots in the Siuslaw region. Donna brings insights from a career in teaching and school administration to the district, and is a frequent library patron. 


Colin Morgan

Board Member

Colin Morgan is the Executive Director of Florence Food Share, and was elected to the Siuslaw Public Library Board of Directors in 2021.  Colin is a lifelong library patron and is excited to serve his community in this new role. 


Jane Yecny

Vice President

Jane Yecny is a frequent library patron who brought her own children to storytime for many years! Jane is also a community volunteer who currently serves on the board of Siuslaw Outreach Services.

Would you like to contact the Siuslaw Public Library District Board of Directors?

When contacting the Siuslaw Public Library District Board of Directors, please know that your correspondence will become a public record. Your private information (phone number, email, etc.) will be protected to the extent possible, but with very few exceptions, your name and concern will need to be discussed in an open, public meeting by the Siuslaw Public Library District Board of Directors. 

Thank you for contacting the Siuslaw Public Library District's Board of Directors. We will consider your comments, and respond after our next regular board meeting.

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