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Friends' Greeting Card Workshops

Creativity, camaraderie, and fund raising - all rolled into one!

The Friends of the Library is always looking for ways to raise funds for our Library as well as provide opportunities for our members to volunteer and have a good time.


Since March of 2007, we’ve been hosting greeting card workshops, where members create custom made cards from recycled library materials to sell in the Library and at the Friends’ book sales.


We reserve the Bromley Room for these all-day workshops and members can come for all day or for an hour or two, as their schedules permit. Everyone agrees that this project is a lot of fun. Think of an old fashioned sewing bee with paper and glue! Lots of chatter and camaraderie, creative interaction, and some marvelous greeting cards.


The Friends provide card stock, envelopes, and decorative materials. All the attendees are asked to bring is a basic set of paper crafting supplies. It’s not necessary to have experience in card making in order to participate in this fun project; each workshop starts with a short ‘class’ on how to make the cards, use the supplies, etc., and there is always lots of friendly help and how-to suggestions.


Members decorate the front of the card using colored papers and pictures and other graphic items taken from recycled library books. Yes, we tear pages out of books! A damaged or duplicate or out of date book, instead of being recycled or sold for a tiny fraction of its original dollar value, can be transformed into hundreds of greeting cards!


If you’d like to join us for some creative and worthwhile crafting, come to the monthly Friends meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month (except Nov. and Dec. when it's the 3rd Thursday). Workshops are scheduled as needed; when the card inventory gets low, we make more!





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